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► Board of Directors
  •        Shri Pradip Kumar Khaitan - Chairman
  •        Shri Gaurav Dalmia- Vice Chairman
  •        Shri Gautam Dalmia- Vice Chairman
  •        Shri Puneet Yadu Dalmia- Managing Director
  •        Shri Dharmendra Nath Davar - Director
  •        Shri Ved Prakash Sood- Director
  •        Ms. Sudha Pillai- Director
  •        Shri Jayesh Joshi- Director
  •        Shri Mahendra Singhi- Whole Time Director & CEO
  •        Shri Amandeep- Whole Time Director

Appointment letters of Directors

Resignation Letters of Directors

Familiarisation Programmes for Independent Director
Notice of candidature of a person for Directorship

Composition of Committee of Directors


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